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Web Hosting, Maintenance, and Backups

  • Web Hosting with 99.999% Managed Up Time
  • Yearly Maintenance and Updates to your Website
  • Monthly Backups


You can purchase web hosting online, but what if you want to update your website’s content every once in a while or maybe change the layout or add some new pages about some new products and services? You would usually have to go somewhere else on the internet to find someone to do or hire a company locally. Not anymore! We offer full hosting, ¬†maintenance, and backup solutions to businesses in the UAE with clear pricing and signed agreements in place.


Our Annual Hosting Contracts and Maintenance Packages


Maintenance 10

AED 2,500

10 Hours Package

10 Hours Maintenance  

Maintenance 20

AED 4,500

20 Hours Package

20 Hours Maintenance and Quarterly Backups 10% Discount on Hosting Packages

Maintenance 35

AED 7,000

35 Hours Package

35 Hours Maintenance and Quarterly Backups 15% Discount on Hosting Packages